2 in 1 Grater Bowl & Steamboat Basket Combo

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Grater Bowl : 20.5cm*20.5cm*9cm 

Steamboat Basket: 35cm *13.5cm *34cm

Grater Bowl

-It made vegetables chopping & preparation easier
-It save time for meal preparation
-Can be utilized for cutting, chopping, slicing, peeling, grinding & grating

Items Included:
1 x Grated Grater
1 x Thin Grater
1 x Thick Grater
1 x Cut wide thin
1 x Mill
1 x Thick Slice
1 x Hand Protector
1 x Peeler
1 x Water Filter / Container
1 x Hanger
1 x Egg yolk separator

Steamboat Basket

-Rotating Steamboat Vegetable Basket comes with draining function
-Good in arranging vegetable in different compartment
-Non slip and stable
-Easy for cleaning 

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