Electric Water Dispenser Pump/ Smart Rechargeable USB Charging Pump/Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pump

颜色: black
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- Automatic water pump. Save energy and time.

- USB charging, long battery life.

- Durable, reusable and 100% safe for water drinking.

- One switch operation without noise. Immediately water, convenient and quick. Easy for kids and elders to use.

- Miniature and stylish design, can be carried anywhere at any time, light and easy.

- Suitable for a variety of models barrel.


1. Connect the silicone hose and insert the silicone hose to the bottle. Then fasten the water pump
2. Press the button to pump out the water
3. Press the button again to stop pumping
4. Charge with the Micro USB cable when out of battery


Material: abs+silicon

Size: 13*7*7cm

Weight: 0.45kg

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