Homedoki 2 in 1 Spray Fan Desktop/ USB Humidification Fan /Humidification Tower Fan

颜色: gree
Sale priceRM75.00 MYR



-One thing, dual purpose, humidifier, desktop fan. The spray is water

-cooled to physically cool down.

-Three levels of high wind, regular spraying. The button moves upwards in turn once, twice, and three times to turn on the low, medium and high-end air supply, like the next fluctuation once and twice to turn on the long spray (automatically closed in 3 hours) and the inter-spray function (automatically closed in 6 hours)

-Three body thinks, 60 wind guide blades

-The air is soft, so you can enjoy the natural wind quietly -Retro craftsmanship, desktop decoration

-Power supply: USB

-Rated voltage: 5V

-Rated power: 5W

-Application area: Within 10 square meters

-Wind speed gear: 3 gears

-Water tank capacity: 220ml


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