Homedoki 3Layer Microwave Rack/Oven Rack/Kitchen Organizer/Rack Storage/Utility Shelf / Home Rack Modern Style

Style: 3 layers
Sale priceRM79.00 MYR


This is a multi-function microwave oven rack, which not only saves you more space, but also can bear a lot of weight. A good microwave oven holder not only makes you feel more comfortable, but also makes your kitchen cleaner.
It is strong enough to store a microwave and other kitchen items such as tableware, spices, canned foods, condiments, bottles, dishes, pots, and pans.

- Easy to clean and assemble
- Anti-rust and anti-fouling, easy to clean and take care of
- Safe design, no damage to hands when handling items
- The shelf can be placed on any flat surface and can be easily wiped clean.
- It can put a lot of kitchen utensils, bear heavy weight, detailed edge design, not hurting the hand, easy to clean.
- The material of the bracket is made of MDF+steel frame. It is durable, not easy to be deformed, and it is lacquered and not easy to rust.

Material: MDF+steel frame


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