Homedoki 5L Electric Air Fryer

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Product Description

  1. 5.5L High capacity, can roast a whole chicken!!
  2. Build with non-stick coating liner material.
  3. Easy to clean, detachable frying basket for ease of cleaning.
  4. Multi-Function purposes function: oven + microwave + fryer
  5. Suitable for traditional French fries, onion rings, French fries, chicken, steak, shrimp, meat, cake, fish, etc.
  6. 200-degree high-speed hot air circulating and reduce oil absorption.
  7. Safe and non-toxic, with good heat resistance.
  8. Powerful air frying technology - features a fast hot air circulation system that allows your food to be crisped and Fried.

Product Highlight

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5.85kg
  • Size: 24*24*28cm
  • Material: PP+ high temperature resistant inner tank


Coverage of the Warranty is 1 month. The warranty does not cover damage caused by human factors, accident, misuse of the product, unauthorized alternation to or change of parts or components of the product. No warranty is offered for products that have gone beyond the period of warranty.

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